Polis Christmas Village - 2023

Published 16th of December, 2023

Christmas is coming, and the festive spirit has once again descended on Polis! Yesterday marked the opening of their Christmas Village, so we went down to take a look.

Your Carriage Awaits


As you drive through the centre of Polis, just after the Latsi turning, you will come upon this illuminated carriage in front of one of the newish murals. Beyond this, to the right, is a convenient parking area. So dump your car and head back here.

This Way


From the main road, the location of the village isn't obvious, but go this way and all will soon be revealed.

Clambouring Santa


Even before you get to the village, it is nice to see the local shops making an effort.

Village People


As I said, this was the first night of the village, and it was still early doors. There were a few people milling around but the place wasn't exactly buzzing. However, it got busier by the time we were leaving. This is one of the many differences between Cypriot and British Culture. In Britain, if we went to a fair like this, that ran from 4 to 8 PM, it would be rammed at 4 and by 6 a lot of people would be packing up their stalls. In Cyprus, the reverse is true. Cypriots like to take their time, and the notion of turning up at 4 is pretty alien to a lot of them. I am always forgetting this, but was pleased to see the place filling up as I was leaving. The stall-holders have gone to a lot of effort to make this look lovely, and deserve every success.

To The Stalls


There was a little Selfie Booth on the way to the main Square. The Instagram generation has to be catered for!

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