Paphos Christmas Lights 2023

Published 7th of December, 2023

Christmas is nearly upon us once again, and Paphos is now adorned with festive decorations. We took a walk around Kennedy Square and October 28 Square to see how they looked.

Kennedy Square Christmas Tree


The lights were switched on last Sunday, but I didn't get a chance to visit the area until Tuesday Evening. This meant that the area was a lot quieter and I was able to get shots without worrying about crowds of people.

Super Star


The star on top of the tree was animated and looked really nice. You can't tell that from a photograph but I did make a film while I was down here so it might be visible on that. I say might because I have yet to process the footage.

Bauble Close-Up


I love the decorations on the tree this year.

Blue Light


The rest of Kennedy Square was also decorated. The trees by the pavement were adorned with these lovely blue lights that gave the area a magical feel.


From the tree area I am going to walk up to the crossing and check out the fountain. Then I will go to October 28 Square.

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