A Misty Cyprus Morning

Published 13th of October, 2022

There was a lot of mist about this morning. So on a whim, I decided to venture into the back garden and launch my drone straight up into the air. The resulting views were spectacular, as you shall see...

Good Morning!


"When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be."

That's what Google says anyway, and this morning they were quite right.

Misty Polemi


I don't need a new alarm clock. I actually have four of them, and from 6 O Clock each morning, they do their best to wake me from my morning slumber. The morning miaows are a regular feature to our lives in Polemi, though occasionally they will mix it up a bit with some gutteral grunts and haughty hissing. But today, when I welcomed our furry friends into our inner sanctum, for their morning feed, I couldn't help but notice the layers of mist that blanketed the back garden and the vineyards beyond.

Up, Up We Go...


I had been meaning to film some morning mist for a while now, but had been struck with a bad case of cant-be-arsed-itis. However, I knew there was juice in my drone, so all I had to do was walk into the garden and launch my baby.

Distant Tulip Fields


I fed the cats first though, as I didn't want them trying to chase the drone.

In the Spring this view will be green and red. The tulip field lies straight up there, in front of that house. I must make a mental note actually, because that will be a lovely shot.

Towards Stroumpi


There was a fire in the field in front of the house in the foreground, earlier in the year. The field has been ploughed again since then though, and there is now no evidence of all the drama.

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