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Published 11th of December, 2022

Agios Georgios is a charming village on the edge of the Akamas. It has a lovely harbour and an interesting archaeological site. The perfect place for a nice hotel you would think. Well, there is one, but it has remained closed for longer than I can remember. Let's take a look around this mysterious place...

Main Entrance


It is easy to find the village of Agios Georgios. Just drive from Paphos to Coral Bay along the Coast Road, and keep going. You will eventually arrive at this location. Normally you would keep going to the carpark by the church. If you fancied a swim you would go past that down to the beach by the harbour. But today we are going to stop here, and have a look around.

Definitely Closed


I had never paid any attention to this place before, but somebody mentioned it when I wrote an article on the Crown Resort Horizon in Coral Bay. Looking at this picture, you can tell that it has been closed for a while, but you can also tell that there must still be some maintenance going on. The trees have been pruned and the grass isn't that overgrown. This would imply that the hotel is still being cared for.


So why isn't it open?

Rear View


That's a good question. I did a bit of digging and found out a few tidbits. Incidently, if you do wander around the back like this, don't be surprised if you set off a motion sensor alarm. I know I did.

Lizard Guard


This rather large lizard was next to where the alarm was ringing. So perhaps it Big Lizzie set it off, and not me?

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