Kitten Capers

Published 18th of August, 2020

Last week we told you how we found four orphan kittens. Well that was a start of a very busy few days for us. This is how the kittens have fared.

The Crew


These are the four kittens. They have been cleaned after a feed. Let's introduce them all.



Minxy named herself, because she is a little minx. The only female of the litter, she is also the smallest, but probably the most inquisitive.



This is Mark. He has a mark on his fur, below his eye, and another one on his back.



Patch and Mark look fairly similar, but Patch has a patch. Ok, he doesn't. But as you shall see on the next page, he had a closed eye when we first picked them up. It looked like he had a patch like a pirate.



Finally there is Tabby. If you wanted to have a kitten race, put your money on Tabby. I tried to make a film in the porch, by running to one side and turning to film them all scampering towards me. He would always be way ahead of the others.

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