Coral Bay Strip is Opening Soon!

Published 23rd of May, 2024

The weeks have become days, and the days will soon become hours before the Coral Bay Strip is officially opened by the President of Cyprus. I had a quick peak this morning, two days before the ceremony. The end is in sight!

Advanced Screening


I had set off to do some drone footage this morning, but there was a lot of dust in the air. So instead I thought I would call in on Coral Bay to see how the preparations for the Grand Opening were coming along. It had been announced that the President of the Republic of Cyprus himself was going to officially declare it open on Saturday morning. The official opening time is 10:30 though I have seen some reports that it might be 10:00. I should have more information on that tomorrow, with a bit of luck.


This meant of course, that the Strip is currently in pre-Party mode. People are scrambling around to meet deadlines, and work is continuing long into the night. This has not stopped tourists from visiting, and now that all the Heavy Machinery is out of the way, the shops are beginning to re-open.

I did fly my drone here by the way. You can see the footage in the following link:

Coral Bay Strip From Above - May 23

I also made a Walkie Talkie Film:

Coral Bay Strip Renovations - Opening Soon!

Incoming Trees


These holes are where trees are going to be planted soon.

Finishing Touches


On my previous visit I had noticed that the bricks in the road had gaps between each other. It was perfectly safe to walk on, but I was a bit puzzled. Imagine how annoying that would be if you dropped your wallet and it spilled everywhere?

So I am pleased to say that they are in the process of filling in the gaps.

Open For Business


At least one of the shops was already open for business, and a fair few curious holiday-makers were wandering about.

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