The Akamas Visitor Centre in Kathikas

Published 14th of September, 2023

The villages of the Akamas are doing their bit to help promote the area. We have already seen the Turtle Museum in Ineia, and the Geology Museum in Arodes. Today I want to show you the latest addition to the family by taking you on a tour of the new Akamas Visitor Centre in Kathikas.

This Must Be The Place


You will find the Visitor Centre at the start of the Kathikas to Akoursos Road. It has the following opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10AM - 4:30PM

Saturday: 10AM - 3PM

There is a map at the end of the article showing you exactly where it is.

Admission Free!


When you enter you are presented with the Reception Desk. There are assorted leaflets to pick up here, but they don't contain any information you will need inside, so you can pick them up on your way out if you want. I was the only visitor to the centre when I arrived, so the lady on duty gave me a guided tour.

This Way


Like the Turtle Museum at Ineia, you should not expect the centre to be on a par with the National History Museum. It consists of three rooms and an area for watching films and giving lectures. Let's go and take a look.

Step Into The Akamas


The first room is split into three sections. The first is designed to give you the impression that you are walking through the Akamas Countryside.

Early Doors


There are information signs here too, though they don't yet appear to be operational. They can be forgiven for this, because the Centre has only recently opened. Besides, it gave the lady showing me around the opportunity to explain all the exhibits. And if you get the same treatment, you should pay attention, as you will be tested later!

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