Agios Georgios From Above

Published 22nd of November, 2022

Agios Georgios is a charming village that sits on the South West corner of Paphos next to the Akamas Peninsula. As well as a lovely harbour there are also some interesting caves in the cliffs, a lovely tavern and an Archaeological Site. In this article I fly our drone over the area to bring you a fresh perspective.

Harbour View


To get to Agios Georgios, you take the coast road from Paphos to Peyia and keep going. If you stay on the main road you will eventually arrive at this Church and car park. If you want to see the harbour, you should stay on the road and drive down the hill. There is another car park there.

Agios Georgios Harbour


Let's start at the harbour. You cannot tell from this angle, but there are some nice murals painted along the length of the jetty. If you come here early in the morning, you may also get to see some turtles. When the fishermen return with their catch, the turtles have learned that if they hang around the fishermen will give them some tidbits.

Towards Cap St George


Now we turn our attention to Cap St George, briefly, anyway. I did a film on this a few days ago, which caused quite a stir. Somebody commented that I had cropped the film to make it look more cramped than it is in reality. However, I think that was because they watched it on Facebook and it happened to show them a landscape version. Had they have tapped the film to maximise it they would have seen the film was actually in portrait, and they were watching a clipped version. Anyway, I have included this picture, so you can see how Cap St George sits with the rest of the environment. I will return in another article from a closer look at it, but at least now you can see I wasn't trying to be misleading.

Go West


From Cap St George, the route to Agios Georgios is a somewhat barren affair.

Yeronissos Island


Yeronissos Island is a natural landmark. If you are exploring the Akamas and can see that, you know you aren't too far from civilisation. If you want to get to the caves I mentioned, you can access them from the church carpark. Walk from there directly towards the sea and you will see a path winding down the cliff. Follow that and you will soon see them.

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