After The Fires

Published 12th of August, 2020

There have been some nasty fires in Paphos over the last week or so. Pentalia was first, and then some brainless cretins set fire to the countryside between Dora and the Wind Farm. Once it was safe, we went out to survey the damage.

The Hills Are On Fire


This is the sight that the good people of Archimandrita woke up to on the pre-dawn morning of August 8th 2020. The hills were ablaze. Indeed, as we shall see, there were fires stretching in clusters from here to Dora.

Images we use here showing the actual fire were taken by residents of Archimandrita: Jackie and Kevin O'Regan. We are reproducing them here with their kind permission.

Three Days Later...


Naturally, we waited until the fires were out before we drove over from Polemi to have a look. Originally the Forestry Department had announce a temporary ban on all forest driving, though this was later clarified to include only driving at night. So on tuesday morning we set off cross country, through Nata and across the valleys. Here you can see the windfarm in the distance. We are on the way to Fasoula.

Souskiou Piggies


There must be a fair number of pigs around the abandoned village of Souskiou, which lies between Fasoula and the wind farms. Every time we visit we see them. These two were quite young. I tried to get them to turn to the camera, by making what I thought was a pig-like grunt. However, the pigs thought the noise was more monster-like, and legged it as fast as they could. So you will have to make do with this picture of their muddy rears.

Souskiou In Summer


As you can see, Souskiou itself remained unmolested. Indeed the whole of the Diarizos Valley had fortunately escape the idiotic arsonists. I try and include links to related blogs at the foot of the page, but judging by some of the questions that get asked in the comments section, a lot of people don't really see them. So I am introducing hash tags. They work slightly different from the ones you get on Facebook and Twitter. If you click one it takes you to the relevent blog. Well. it would do if I had written the code. But I haven't had time to yet, because the kittens worked out how to get out of their play area so I've spent the last hour chasing kittens around the garden. Ok, playing with kittens. But I did have to chase them first. Anyway, in a day or two the hash tag will be working as a link. Until then, just use the links at the foot of the page.


First Sign Of Damage


Once we had reached the main road, we drove on up to the wind farm. The damage was soon visible.


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