Pantheon Hall - Part 2: The Big Bang Theory.

Published 2nd of June, 2020

We started exploring the abandon Pantheon Hall in our last blog, and saw how it spent its last days as a boxing venue. Well, before then, it was a high class health spa with a very colourful history. So don your brothel creepers and join us as we tiptoe over the tiled floors and examine the titilating tales that surrounded "Aphrodite's Temple", as it used to be known.

View From The Top


We finished the first part of our blog looking out from the DJ's roost, towards Flintstone Corner. If you recall I had included pictures showing a fighting competition. This took place in 2015. I found some more pictures, which were posted in 2017 on the Pantheon Hall facebook page. This is the first puzzle. Clearly, if you look around the place, the boxing competition was pretty much the last event that happened here. The flags are still flying*, and there are still tickets and a promo banner lying around. Surely if the venue was used again all that would have been cleaned up? So why did they post new pictures in 2017?

* actually, as you shall find out if you keep reading to the end, they are no longer there as of last week.

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Yabba Dabba Doo!


Anyway, lets go and check out that corner.

Prehistoric Jacuzzi


I wasn't expecting this. Primarily because, like the one on the other side of the room, it looks a bit out of place in a boxing arena. So I did a bit more digging.

Birds Eye View


The Flintstone cave was on two floors. The second one had a nice view of the rest of the room.

View From The Cave Mouth


I think we can all agree that this wasn't built as a bespoke boxing arena.

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