Maximos Ranch

Published 7th of January, 2022

The other week we found ourselves near Limassol, so decided to pay a visit to one of our favourite places. The abandoned ranch near Kouris Reservoir has fascinated us for years, as it steadily gets reclaimed by nature. On this visit we had all our cameras with us, so were able to produce a very interesting report...

The Ranch From Above


First out of the box was our drone. Actually, that's not strictly true. We filmed the drive up as well. But this article will begin with some nice drone footage. I launched the drone from the field. A track had appeared here, probably caused by buggies or bike racing.



Flying over the clubhouse, I could see how many of the roof tiles had now been removed. Presumably a number of properties in the area now have slightly sturdier rooftops.

Towards Troodos


You get a nice view of the surrounding countryside with the drone.

New View


Another advantage with the drone is that you see things you might have missed in the past. Up until now I hadn't noticed this staircase leading down from the clubhouse to the road below.

The Lunge Pools


I also hadn't registered how close the old guard dog kennels (top right) were to the lunge pools.

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