Aloe Hotel Tour

Published 19th of November, 2022

There have been a few hotels close down in Paphos over recent years. COVID had a lot to answer in that respect. I visited one of them recently, as somebody asked me to check it out. This one - The Aloe Hotel - is quite topical, as it is right next to the new tower that is being built. Come see what we found...

Stairway To Heaven


If you've been to Paphos recently you cannot help but notice the new tower that is being built opposite the main SODAP Beach. The Aloe Hotel is next to that. A side-road runs past it, and I parked there. This was my first view of the hotel itself.

Strange Ramp


It's funny how you only notice some things in a scene after the event. For instance, in this picture, which is a view round the staircase you just saw, there is a seemingly random pile of wooden doors and panels. Looking at it now though, it looks like they are making a ramp to get up to the windowsill. I can only presume it is for the benefit of cats. Surprisingly however, I saw very few of them on this visit.

That Tower


Walking through the grounds, you can see how the tower would have loomed over the hotel. Is that why it closed? Let's do a little bit of research online as we wander around the grounds.

Fancy A Swim?


The last review posted for the hotel was on 17th March 2020:

17 Mar 2020

I stayed here at a very difficult time for the hotel, and Cyprus in general. Every hour it seemed there was more bad news coming, culminating in the announcement the hotel was closing due to the Corona 19 pandemic. The staff continued to work extremely hard and gave their best at a time when it must have been a huge worry for themselves and their families. The all inclusive food and drinks were of a good standard, the room was clean and the people working on the front line were relaxed and professional. I would not hesitate to revisit, once the world has moved on.

Tower View


Google itself has this to say on the Hotel:

This property will be closed from 26 October 2021 to 31 December 2022 for renovations and will resume operation once the renovation is complete (completion date subject to change).

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