Minthis Hills Wellness Spa

Published 2nd of February, 2023

The other day my lovely wife sprung a surprise Birthday Treat on me: a Couple's Massage at the new Wellness Spa in Minthis Hills Golf Resort. While this article is not an "official" review, I thought I would share a bit of our experience as the place is well worth a visit.

A Cold Winter's Morning


Up until my late 30s I had always considered Health Spas as places where people got weird face packs and cucumber slices put over their eyes, and were forced to drink copious quantities of smoothies. I imagine that impression came from an old Carry On film, but I have no idea which one. One day, during a stay at Centre Parcs, I was invited to visit the spa. I wasn't that excited about the prospect, however I soon fell in love. Not with the massages and the treatments, but with the steam rooms, saunas, ice walls and jacuzzis that accompanied them.

So when I opened the birthday card Alex handed to me a few days ago, and read that we were going to spend the day at Minthis Hills Wellness Spa, I was mightily pleased.

Nice Interior


To get to Minthis Hills Wellness Spa, you should drive up the B7 from Paphos, and turn right at Tsada. Then keep on the main road through the village and head towards Kallepeia. You will soon see Minthis Hills signposted on your right. Turn there and head to the main part. The spa is on the left, just before the main clubhouse.


We went to Reception and were given the standard forms to fill in, after which we were given a brief tour.

Welcome Drink


Tea was served while we filled the forms in. It was surprisingly delicious.

Changing Rooms


We were then shown to our Changing Rooms. This is the interior of the Gents. It was very nice and I immediately felt very pampered. The lockers work with an electronic armband and contained a dressing gown and slippers. I have size 12 feet, so the slippers, which were one-sized-fits-all, were a bit of a squeeze. If I had to list one complaint about the entire day that would be it, and it is very minor.

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