Winter Water Features

Published 4th of January, 2020

The Asprokremmos Dam is due to overflow any time now, and the vendors are already setting up stall in anticipation. For many people this will be the beginning and their end of their water-based sight-seeing tour. However, last year revealed that Paphos has a lot more to offer than just overflowing dams, so we decided to check up our personal favourite of last winter.

Ezousa Flowing


To start our trip we headed out on the B6 towards Kouklia. The Asprokremmos Dam turning is just after you go over the motorway. Before that though, the road passes through the Ezousa Valley, so we checked to see how that river was doing. This river runs all the way up to Kannaviou, below Pano Panagia, and into Paphos Forest. Other than this bridge, there are two main crossing points, at Episkipou and between Letymbou and Choulou. Unfortunately, the Episkipou crossing is a washout, as we found out later.

Here Come The Concessions


Like last year, refreshment stalls are being set up. The dam is closed to traffic, though there is parking at either ends available. If they use the same approach as last year, then the far side will be for coaches.

One word of warning, there were reported thefts from cars parked last year, so if you do pop up for a visit, remember to lock your doors and close the windows.

Not Long To Go


We took this shot yesterday. There were reports in the press that the dam was due to overflow on saturday afternoon. So depending on how fast I type this it may already be overflowing. However, last year when it was this high it took a few more days to overflow. So who knows?

Last Year


This is what it looks like when it is overflowing. This was from last year. It is worth noting that when it overflowed last year, the inflow from the Xeros had died down quite a lot. This year, as you shall see, there is still a great deal of water coming downstream. So when it overflows we should see a bit more excitement at this end.

Close To The Edge


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