Cloud Coverage

Published 18th of October, 2021

It was cloudy on sunday! For months we've had nothing but blue skies, so it was lovely to see them. I had to go to Lidl so picked a scenic route which would enable me to get some nice pictures...

Polemi Skies


We'll start with a view not too different from what you see if you look at the Polemi webcam.

Bird Watching


There were a couple of birds of prey eyeing up a nearby field.

Ezousa Clouds


For my journey down to Paphos today, I decided to take the road to Kallepeia then head up towards Tsada. I would then take the back road down to Mesa Chorio, and from there it's just a short drive to Lidl.

I love this view of the Ezousa Valley up towards Kannaviou and Pano Panagia.

Kallepeia View


I've now driven just past Kallepeia. Ammati Gorge is somewhere in front of me.

Towards Nata


You can't quite make them out here, but in the far distance is the wind farm, on the right of this picture.

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