Postcard From Ayia Napa

Published 13th of August, 2018

We're all going on a summer holiday! Actually we've just got back from one. We've spent the last few days in Ayia Napa and naturally we took our cameras with us. So, for a change, here's a blog on the Eastern side of the Island. How did we find it? What were the beaches like? Did we "have it large"? Read on and find out...

Green Bay


We had booked an apartment in Protaras, and a quick glance online indicated that Green Bay was a nice beach nearby, which wasn't too crowded and fairly remote. It turned out that "remote" was a relative term. Compared to, say, the Akamas, this was slap bang in the middle of town. However, it was certainly less crowded, and very nice. The area is famous for some submerged statues. The pictures we saw looked interesting, though we stuck to some more sedate snorkelling.

Green Bay Beach


This was the beach at Green Bay. Lovely golden sands and a liberal sprinkling of sunbeds available for hire. Just about every beach we saw had these sunbeds on them, and they all seemed to cost €2.50, so you certainly won't get scalped using them. You aren't obliged to though. We saw plenty of people using their own.

Let's Go Exploring


I had trouble adapting when we first got here. I am used to exploring the Paphos region, where there are plenty of hills to help you navigate. The East coast is a lot flatter. It took me a few excursions to get my bearings, but you soon discover that there are places away from the crowds if you fancy a bit of adventure. I was pleased to discover my old friend the E4, tucked away on Cape Greco. This track is a pan-Europe walking route that has a section that winds from Paphos to Larnaca airport. It takes in The Akamas, The Ezousa Valley, Troodos and many other Cyprus beauty spots along the way, including the cape here.

Some Sea Caves


This part of the area was quite similar to the coast-facing parts of the Akamas. You can compare the shots to the ones taken on my blog last year when I went to the far side of the Akamas.

Rugged Beauty


You can walk around that headpoint, if you like a trek. You may well have the area to yourself too, though there will be people above you at the peak.

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