Kissonerga Coastline

Published 21st of September, 2022

Sandy Beach


To the West of the Paphos Path is Lemba's Sandy Beach. As you can see, it is very aptly named. Take care if you go swimming here though. There are rip currents and as yet no artificial reef has been constructed. There are big signs here warning people of the danger, but they tend to get ignored.

Rocky Outcrop


To the west of Sandy Beach there is a very barren region, which has always puzzled me. It has a Greek flag on it, and I think there might be an EOKA monument there. I have never examined the area closely though. Why has nothing every been developed here?

Snorkeling Site


Have to say, it looks like it would be a great place to go snorkelling here.

Front View


The Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel looks a lot better from this angle. And it has a nice sandy beach. If you are interested, it is an adult-only resort, so perfect for couples. Use the link above for more information.


Definitely need to do some snorkelling here...

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