Filiotis Fish Tavern

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A lovely fish restaurant in a delightful setting.

Here is a review from Max, one of our forum regulars, and a regular at Filiotis too:

As a sea food lover I can only recommend this fish tavern, where one can sit in the summer month not even a meter away from the sea and enjoy really fresh fish from the day, which is mainly caught with their own fishing boats in the next bay.

It is a real family business where the owner is chef in the kitchen and his sister responsible for the service. Also the waiter/waitress in the busy season is very friendly and attentive.

The village salad is always very fresh and delicious. They grow their own potatoes right behind the building and cut the chips in the traditional Cypriot way.

Also their complimentary desserts are home made and vary with the time of the year.

Excellent variety of quality wines from the area, specially the Tsangarides white wine which comes also in small bottles. I visit this tavern every Saturday for years as it is less busy than on a Sunday, when the place is very popular with Cypriots and Russians.

Max, Germany, living in Paphos district since 1984.

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