In Search Of The Stroumpi Lion

Published 7th of September, 2020

Big Game Hunting isn't a thing in Cyprus, owing to the lack of any Big Game. However, we recently went out and bagged us a lion. In Stroumpi of all places. The only shooting we did was with our cameras, you will be pleased to know, so have a look at the images we caught.

Get Your Provisions Here


I first stumbled upon the Stroumpi Lion a few months ago, while out exploring. I kept it to myself for a while before inviting Alex on a mystery hunt. It's how I keep our marriage fresh. We stopped here first, for some provisions. It is very hot at the moment, and you shouldn't even walk from your front door to the car without having plenty of fluid. And a packet of crisps.

Down Here


Opposite the supermarket, on the other side of the B7, is a small road heading downhill. We went down there and kept to the right.

Interesting Bricks


It was quite a narrow road and we saw what I thought was an abandoned building above us. In hindsight I think it was just a wall. Next to it though, was a driveway with some interesting birds.



To me these look like turkeys. Unusual looking, whatever they are.

Anyway, we continued down the road but it got really rough fairly soon. I had obviously made a wrong turn. We ploughed on regardless though, up a very overgrown track.

Another Abandoned Dog Kennels?


We ended up in a field surrounded by abandoned farm buildings. One of them appeared to be a series of kennels. We seem to be making a habit of this. You may recall our report on the Tsada Dog Kennels. Well these were in a much worse state of repair. Don't even think about buying them and doing them up.

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