Polemi Pond

Published 28th of May, 2022

Outside of Winter and Spring, a lot of Cyprus is very arid. Polemi, centrally placed in Paphos and surrounded by vineyards, remains greener than most. It even has a village pond. Admitedly, you have to go for a bumpy drive to find it, and very few people probably know that it is there, but find it we did.

Polemi Countryside


The other day I was driving back from a filming job and as it was a nice sunny day I decided to do a spot of 360 filming for Google Street View. I had already added Polemi to the map a couple of years ago, but I figured it could do with an update. I also wanted to be a bit more thorough, so included roads I had previously missed. One such road I drove down kept on going into the countryside, so I followed it to see where I would end up. There was a chance it would take me all the way to Choulou, or at least as far as the Ezousa River.

As it was, the track began to peter out, and eventually led me to this area. Below, in the field, I could see a trail through the field itself. It looks like it had been made to replace the one I was on. But what was it there for?

Road To Nowhere


You can see from this shot how the track ahead has deteriorated. I walked down a bit and it didn't get any better. The trees on the other side of the field were hinting that they might be in a gorge though, and I do like my mysterious gorges. So I reversed the car and parked in the field that was on my right.

The Field On My Right


As I got out of the car I couldn't help but noticed the small shrine. You can't see from this picture, but there was a faint trail to it through the grass, so it does still get the occasional visitor.



Here you are. A fairly typical shrine but notable because of its remoteness. By the time I reached this field, the road had got quite overgrown.

Animal Enclosure


Leaving the car by the shrine, I walked a short distance down the overgrown and eroded track before arriving at this building. I don't know what it is used for but somebody is obviously maintaining it, as the grass around it had been cut.

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