Petratis Gorge - Part 2

Published 19th of June, 2023

Up Or Down?


On the way down, I took the lower route here. Rather bizarrely, on the way back, I ended up taking the upper route. This was initially easier but more tricky at the end, so when you emerge on the other side on the way down, be sure to note your exact location, so you can find it again on the way back up.

View From The Other Side


So I think I should have gone left here on the way back, but instead, I went over the rocks and to the right.

Another Route?


Incidently, still further to the right, there may be another route to the bottom of the gorge, through that narrow gap you can see in the rocks. I left that for another day though.

Making Progress


Ok, I have covered the first major hurdle now, and am in an area that is easygoing. The grass is close-cropped - presumably by goats - and there is only a relatively gentle slope here. Already though, it feels like I am deep within the gorge.

Distant Goats


On this route, where possible, I followed goat paths. There was evidence of the occasional hunter too, but most of the footfall was of the cloven variety. You should not assume however, that if you start on a goat path, you will be able to finish it. Across the gorge from me, I heard the distinctive sound of goats bleating, and turned to watch them ascend the cliff with ease.

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