Kannaviou Reflections

Published 10th of January, 2021

I took my drone up to Kannaviou Reservoir again last week, to practice film making. Unfortunately, I left the sim card at home. Fortunately the drone has some built-in storage so I was at least able to capture some rather nice photographs...

Cloudy Beauty


We shall start in the corner by the car park. Dotted around the shore of the reservoir you will find lots of fishermen. It is amazing what they put their cars through to get to some of these nooks and crannies.


The weather wasn't ideal for photography. The clouds were fairly grey and uniform. However, there was no wind, so the reservoir water provided an impressive reflective surface. Indeed, had it not been for these reflections I wouldn't have bothered posting this blog.


There won't be much text in this blog, as I have already said all I can say about the reservoir in previous blogs.



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