Above White River Gorge

Published 26th of September, 2021

There is an area between Peyia and Akamas that is easy to overlook as you drive down the road to the coast. I had been curious about it ever since I reviewed a new map book last year, and yesterday I finally got a chance to do a bit of exploring...

Forest Taverna


As you drive from Kathikas to Peyia, you go through Pykni Forest. Before you get to the picnic site, you will come to this tavern on your right. Just beyond that, is a turning that goes into the woods. It's just past the green bin and the sign. That's where we're going.

Forest Farm


I was asked on the forum the other day, how I managed to navigate so well on the off-road films I publish. The answer is simple: I don't. What I mean is, I don't just arrive at a new place and film my journey. That's ok for road trips, where you know what is going to happen, more or less. But when you are out exploring the wilds, you have no idea what you will find. So before I do any filming, I get to know the land first. This is what I am doing on this trip. At some point in the future I will no doubt return with the camera and film a route here, but if I filmed this journey, there would be an awful lot of dead-ends.

Turn Right


I soon arrived at a junction in front of a small valley. I turned right here, as I wanted to get deeper into the Akamas, and I knew that left would probably just return me to the main road.

Interesting Rocks


Ah, the trip is off to a good start. The track skirts the valley and climbs the other side. There are some nice rocks to ogle at on the way through, too.

The Aforementioned Valley


This was the valley. A tiny affair. I know that sooner or later I will hit a big gorge, as I have been on the other side. I reviewed a map book last year, and noted that a track was shown that went across that gorge. I was very surprised, so I checked out the area in question, from the other side. You can see that article in the list of related blogs below this. Anyway, if there was a track, it is pretty hard to negotiate, but I wanted to see the area of land on the opposite side of the gorge, which is where I am now headed.

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