Park Of Colours Almost Ready

Published 18th of July, 2022

A couple of months ago we reported on the Park of Colours, which is being constructed behind the central Paps Supermarket in Paphos. It was due to be finished "within weeks". I went to Paps this morning, and had a sneak peak around back, to see what progress had been made. I wasn't disappointed.

View From Below


My first port of call was the area below Papantoniou's. The park is still fenced off, but you can see that it is beginning to look a bit greener now.

New Carparks


They have also made provision for people to park their cars, which is handy, especially when you consider that there are numerous sports fields here.

A Sports Field


You will find numerous sports fields like this dotted around Paphos. They often look deserted, but if you drive past them at night they often have a game playing under floodlights.

Basketball Court


We've already seen purple flowers. Here you can see orange and yellow flowers blooming in front of the Basketball Court. Is this why this is called the Park of Colours? Are we in for a floral treat?

Upper Carpark


I've now come up to the main Papantoniou's car park. I am happy to report that it has now grown. For weeks it has been a bit chaotic, but now there are a lot more spaces available. You get to this area by driving through the original carpark, so bear that in mind before waiting by the shop for an empty space.

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