Park of Colours Opening In Weeks

Published 7th of May, 2022

Last year work started on a new park in Paphos. The Park of Colours is nearly complete, and will be opening within weeks. There was an announcement in the press about this yesterday. Coincidentally enough, I was in the area so saw for myself what progress had been made.

Artist's Impression


When it is finished, the area behind the main Paps in Paphos will look like this! The Park Of Colours is an ambitious project costing nearly 4 million euros. Started in March last year, it will include the following attractions:

  • cafe
  • skate park
  • tennis court
  • Botanical Garden
  • climbing wall, 3.6 meters high
  • basketball court
  • children's playground
  • small soccer field
  • several small squares
  • open-air exhibition space
  • sanitary zone
  • parking for 83 cars, including for people lots for disabled people.

Small Football Pitch


First on my visit, I parked in the area between the Old Town and Paps. This let me get a close look at some of the new features.



I imagine these are going to be very popular, especially in the cooler summer evenings.



I found this floorplan online. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but you can see its extent. Paps is at the bottom left, and Old Town will be above and further to the left. It is worth noting that the park is self-contained. There is no road running through it, so the shortcut you used to be able to take will no longer exist.

To The Right Of Paps


Next I parked in Pap's somewhat shrunken carpark, and walked around the back. On the way I could see this construction on what used to be the road that went behind the supermarket. I'm not sure what they are building, those pillars suggest to me it might be a car park of some description.

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