Paphos Easter Decorations

Published 24th of April, 2022

In Cyprus, Easter is the most important event of the year. Every year, the roads are adorned with Easter Eggs and other decorations. We went out with our 360 camera to capture some of the more decorative roundabouts. We also checked out the Mall to see if they have any new decorations since last year.

Happy Easter!


Over the years we have seen some fascinating Easter Decorations. Some look cute, some look pretty, and some look plain weird. There is a nice display on one of the approaches to Tremithousa. However, the biggest displays are reserved for the roundabouts. Before we take a look at them though, let's pop into the Mall to see what's new.

Self Interest


This Easter frame is presumably designed so you can stand behind it and have your photo taken. A definite nod to the Instagram generation.

Trad Chicks


We've seen these little birds before, but they are beside the fountains so deserve another picture.

Possibly New?


I don't remember this from last year. And emerging bunny sandwiched between two eggs. Incidentally, you can see previous easter blogs using the links below.

Magic Butterfly


This one was nice, and quite popular. I had to wait a while before I could picture it without anybody else posing in front of it.

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