Paphos Easter 2021

Published 27th of April, 2021

It's Easter in Cyprus, and the decorations are out in force. It is a somewhat subdued affair, thanks to the current lockdown, but we decided we would make the best of it, so on Sunday we went around and photographed some of the most impressive displays.

Jumbo Queue


We start in The Mall, primarily because it will be closed from today (though I am not sure about Sklavenitis). There was a very orderly, socially distanced queue outside Jumbo.

Pretty Butterfly


We shall walk through the Ground Floor of The Mall to the main entrance, then take the escalator up to the first floor before returning to the Jumbo Exit.

A Subdued Affair


It was nice to see that they had made an effort in The Mall, but it wasn't as spectacular as previous years. I can fully understand why though.

Bling Bunny


The Easter Bunny made an appearance. It's interesting, but given how religious Cyprus as a country is, you would think their Easter decorations would reflect that. But they tend to focus more on bunnies, eggs and chicks.

Outside The Mall


This was the view at the main entrance. I liked the flowers on the first E.

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