Paphos Christmas Lights 2020

Published 12th of December, 2020

The Paphos Christmas Lights have been switched on! They went up without any pomp, and owing to the restrictions they won't be seen by that many people, so we thought you we would show you what you might be missing. Merry Christmas!

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We begin our walk at Caffe Nero. We chose this as a location because it meant I could jump out of our car and walk through Old Town while Alex drove round and parked near the Town Hall. We took these shots on Thursday. This was the day before the restaurants were closing.

Old Town Sparkle


The pillars had received a bit of bling.

Paphos View


Even the more mundane areas of Paphos, like this carpark, can look a bit special at night. Oh and speaking of views, in case you missed our announcement we have now installed another webcam, on the roof of the Green Air offices. This shows a lovely view of the lighthouse area and will give you some glorious sunsets to look at in the coming months.

Visit The Webcam Page

Old Town Charm


I walked towards Old Town and followed the road into the centre, against the one-way system. You soon come to a junction. If you take a left turn here you will be up by the market and the Green Living Wall. I really must do another blog about a walk around Old Town soon. I miss it. Indeed, I have started work on the follow-up of the Old Pafos website I made a couple of years ago.

Towards Kennedy Square


As time was short, I turned right, away from the market, towards Kennedy Square.

Anyway, regarding the website, I started reshooting the images with the new camera yesterday. It will be a long process but, let's face it, we aren't going anywhere, are we? I will also host the resulting tour on our new platform, which will give a much more friendly experience, with a proper street map and everything. If you haven't seen the original site, use the link below.

Visit The OldPafos Site

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