Paphos Chinese Garden

Published 25th of September, 2019

A new park has sprung up in Paphos. The Chinese Garden (or China Park) is located not far from the central Paps Supermarket. It was officially opened last week. We let the dust settle, then went down to take a look...

Eats Shoots and Leaves


There is no entrance, as such, to the new gardens, but these cuddly Pandas adorned one side of the park, so I figure it is as good a place as any to start.

The Main Bit


The first thing to note is the big awning. This is an excellent idea for the park, and provides plenty of shade for kids to play in peace. This is especially important for the slide. Imagine that metal getting heated up by the sun on a summer day. It would burn anybody who tried to slide down it.

All Mod Cons


The next thing we spotted is the bicycle rack. Next to it there is a regular bin, as well as a special bin for dog poo. This is a great idea, but only useful if it is emptied regularly.


The floor, as you would expect, is also made of suitably bouncy material. If a child fell off that Engine , they wouldn't bang their head very hard.

As well as these photos, we have also done a virtual tour of the park.

View the Virtual Tour

External Decorations


Round the border of the park there are some cute animals too. There are 12 in total, and represent the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. We shall take a closer look at them soon...

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