Old Town 2022 Update - Part 3

Published 27th of July, 2022

In the final part of our 2022 look around Old Paphos, we check out the renovation of Ivis Maliotou Park and the roads thereabouts. We also lament the passing of an artistic icon, and admire a emerging new Children's Playground.

View From Kennedy Square


We shall start the final installment of our look at what's new in the Old Town where we ended Part 2. Well Ok, I have turned round, but behind me is Kennedy Square. I am going to walk down Arch. Makariou III Avenue in the direction of where Street Art Square used to be, but I will turn left down an alleyway first.

Side Street Burger Bar


People often ask where the best place to get a kebab is, or meze, or souvla, or something local, or... well, you get the idea. The truth is, most places will give you a nice meal. Cypriots like their food and the portions are decent. Once you are out of the Tourist areas, restaurants will rely on local trade for their bread and butter. And if the food isn't up to scratch, the locals will have plenty of other places to eat. Standards are high.

So don't be afraid to investigate places like this for a bite to eat, that are slightly off the beaten track. Remember also that the Old Town comes alive at night. So just because a place is quiet during the day does not mean that it is unpopular.

Shaded Seating


It's a nice shaded place to eat, too.

To The Traffic Lights


After the restaurant you will walk through a car park out onto a road that leads up to the Kennedy Square Traffic Lights. We are going in that direction, but on the way there I noticed something I hadn't seen before...

Titania Shopping Centre


This is odd. I hadn't noticed Titania Shopping Centre on any of my previous visits, but if you look at the Google Street View image I uploaded in 2019, you can see that it was there then. Googling it doesn't reveal anything either. Has anybody shopped in there, and if so, what do they sell?

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