Vintage Cyprus Buses

Published 20th of January, 2018

A year ago we had to visit the Department of Road Transport, off the Mesogi Road. While there I noticed three old-style Cyprus buses parked in the carpark. I returned a year later, and they were still there, so I thought I would photograph them for posterity. I also found some more modern friends of theirs, who's retirement was a bit less pleasant...

Car Park Squatters


There they are! Magnificant beasts.

From The Front


Occasionally up in the mountains, we will see a bus like this still in service. Well, still on the road anyway.



I think these have been retired though.

Luggage Space


I wouldn't like to trust a suitcase to that luggage rack. I am sure they must have got quite overloaded in their heyday.

From The Side


I tried doing a bit of research on these buses, but I could find nothing about them. I did however find a website dedicated to Cyprus Buses. They had thousands of pictures.

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