Xeros River Ruins

Published 1st of June, 2019

Clean Roof


The monastery still looks spic and span. Indeed, it looks like they have used a pressure washer on those roof tiles. Or perhaps they have replaced them? They do stand out a bit now, and it is one time I will appreciate the Syrian dust. It will soon have the roof looking less bright.



Somebody is obviously in the process of repairing these doors.

Incidentally, these aren't the ruins I was referring to at the start of the blog. This is Sinti Monastery. We have blogged about it in the past, and it is easy for me to assume that readers have read previous blogs, when of course a lot of you won't have. And given that there are now over 200 blogs, I shouldn't assume you will know where I am now.

However, if you look at the bottom of each page in this blog, you will see a list of related blogs. If you want more information on this place, check out those blogs.

The Inner Court


Sinti Monastery is well worth a visit. You can come to it via easier routes, as well. You don't have to drive up the valley.



A quick glance inside. There is a virtual tour of this you should check out as well.

Water Mill


Now, we continued up the valley after the monastery, with this mill on our left. Part of the track is a bit leary, as it has been washed away. So at this point, you may find it easier to take the road from the monastery up the hill until you come to the junction. Turn right here, and you will be following the river more safely.

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It's time for another guest blog, and this time Max has taken a break from his minerals to show us somewhere a bit more spiritual. Over to you Max... Sinti Monastery is a very important ancient monument and not far away from Paphos, in the beautiful Xeros River Valley. I thought I would take a round trip. In order that people can visit the place all year round (even after a good Winter's rain) in a normal car I took the longer route over the hills where the roads nowadays are all properly surfaced. On the way back you can either take the same road (Winter) or use the short cut along the Xeros river bed which is only 8 km until the next village Nata.

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