White River Beach Roadworks

Published 1st of January, 2023

Work In Progress


I'm not sure if they have done anything here yet, to be honest. However, there is a much more substantial Road Block on the Agios Georgios side of White River Beach. The official route to Lara Bay now goes vias Inia. However, there is a shortcut if you have a 4WD vehicle and it hasn't rained recently.



The shortcut puts you here, on the Avakas side of the beach. If you were to take the sharp left here up the hill, you would eventually get to a rather nice church, from where a more sensible road will take you to the main coast road. At the end of this article is a link to a film where we drove down this. If you watch that you can see where we went. You will also be able to see how bumpy it was.

To The Roadworks


From what we saw, the majority of the work is being done by the beach itself. Before now, this was pretty much a single bumpy track, that reduced many a red-number-plated driver to tears.

Two Lanes?


Now though, it looks like they may be putting in a second lane. I could be wrong though. It could just be extra support.

Restaurant or Shack?


This is where it gets interesting. Most of the restaurants here do seem to have been dismantled. There is a structure on the left, but the cafe on the centre right of the picture has been removed. Also, the gate on the road to the beach is now nowhere to be seen.

Apparently, the restaurant near Lara Bay has also been demolished. That had quite a farm attached to it, and I am forever puzzled how these illegal buildings can get built without anybody doing anything about them. Don't the Police care?

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