What Is Happening To Polis Campsite?

Published 17th of April, 2024

For years Polis Campsite has provided a bohemian retreat for holidaymakers on a budget and day trippers alike. Nestled in a beautiful Eucalyptus Wood, next to a lovely, sandy blue flag beach, it has been a popular destination for many. Now though, it has fallen on hard times, and is closed. For how long though? Will the campsite return, and will the beach retain its hard-earned blue flag status? Let's have a look around...

No Entry


A few weeks ago I published some pictures of the Coast Path from Latsi to Polis Campsite Beach. Numerous people commented that it was a nice path but it ended in a bit of a mess. Initially I thought this a little unkind. I had always considered the campsite to be full of rustic charm. However, I then heard that the park had closed.

This was a lot to take in, so I decided the best thing to do would be to take a visit myself. When I got there, I found the gates locked, so I continued down the main road and took the next dirt track down to the coast path.

End Of The Coast Path


This is where the coast path ends. From here on in, you are in the grounds of the Campsite. So what is actually happening there? Well, I did a bit of digging. My first port of call was the Where? Who? When? Polis area Facebook Group. If that link works, it will take you to the following tidbit of information:

Polis Campsite

The camping area in Poli Chrysochous, which every year was overwhelmed by thousands of visitors, will remain closed for this year. Since last November, the management of the camping area has passed into the hands of the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous.

Since then the site remains closed as the Local Authorities decided to proceed with a strategic investor. Speaking on the Alpha News show, Mayor Yotis Papachristofis said that the authorities are proceeding with the implementation of the plans for the renewal of the area.

To this end, the announcement of tenders is expected within the next few weeks, while already the Municipality of the City in collaboration with the Department of Forestry has begun the general cleaning of the area, from reeds, in order to avoid the possibility of fire. The project to renovate the camping area, 2.5 cm. euros, includes, among other things, a restaurant on the beach, sanitary facilities in three places, on-site services as well as road construction.

According to Mr. Papachristofis, the beach area will remain open for all bathers and lifeguard towers will operate there, as in previous years.

The Rest Of The Path


And here's the rest of the path. Keep on that and you will be in Latsi in no time. You will pass a few lovely beaches along the way too.

Now, in itself, the post on the previous page is actually pretty encouraging. However, the comments that follow it speak of delays of three years or more, and other tales of doom. I won't reprint them here, but the thread is there for you to see should you be on Facebook.

Natural Spring Stream


As you enter the campsite you pass over a small stream that is fed from a nearby spring. We will come back to this later but I am mentioning it now so you know where it is.

Empty Spaces


It is immediately apparent that the park isn't open. There is not a caravan or tent in sight.

Actually, this isn't strictly true. I visited the site twice in the last couple of weeks. These pictures were taken on the first visit. On the second visit I made a film of Polis Campsite. That time, there were a few tents around.

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