Vouni Path

Published 29th of November, 2023

Pano Panagia is a village full of charm and beauty, that lies in the foothills of Paphos Forest. As well as being the birthplace of Archbishop Makarios III, it also has an amazing nature trail to tempt you to visit. If you feel like a decent bit of exercise, then put on your walking boots and join us as we follow the Vouni Path.

Park Here


If you are on holiday in Paphos, do yourself a favour and rent a car. Get out and explore the Paphos Countryside. There is so much more to see than the Archaeological Sites and beaches. Pano Panagia is definitely on the tourist roadmap, so you will have no problem finding it. Just take the B7 from Paphos to Polis, and turn right at Polemi. Keep going and you will eventually get here. I have parked in an area just past the main church. It is near to the start and end of our walk, so an ideal location.

Incidentally, if you have lost your tourist roadmap you should consider purchasing our First Cyprus Road Trip eBook. It passes through Pano Panagia as well as many other great locations.

The Official Route


If you head from the car park towards the church you will soon come to a turning on your right which is the start of the Vouni Path. Here you will find this helpful sign. It reveals a circular route, but nothing about how long it will take or anything like that. Well, we can tell you that the walk is under 5 miles long, and very hilly. The first part especially takes you up some very steep tracks. Once you get to the top of the hill though, the going gets easier.

The Actual Route


The route itself is well signposted up until you get to Prophet Eliah Chapel. At that point, it looks like they decided to make it a linear route, with the church at the end. We decided to find our way down via the original circular route, and we think we managed to find most of it. Our route is shown in the map above.

Ancient Olive Press


There is a nice feature at the start of the trail. By all means take a look.

Follow The Trail


Anyway, that's enough preamble. Let's get this walk underway.

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