The Pomos Coast

Published 24th of January, 2020

Distant Pentadaktylos Mountains


From here you can see the mountains in the occupied area. They didn't appear to have any snow on them.

Old Pill Box


At the cape there were a couple of old Pill Boxes. I use the term "pill box" because that's what they used to be called in Britain. Basically, they are little reinforced battlements which would house a couple of squaddies and allow them to shoot at the enemy without getting hit. As any lover of old war films will tell you, the way to combat a pill box is to crawl up in front of it and lob a grenade through the slit.

Oh and the ones in the UK are shaped more like old pill boxes than this one, hence the name.

Side View


You will see another pill box soon, that was a bit more substantial. There are actually loads of these dotted around the coastline, and some of them have colourful stories attached. There are a few near Coral Bay whose story was featured in the press a while back.

No Seaweed


Like most of the west coast, the rocks here don't have very good rock-pools. The seaweed doesn't seem to like the conditions. It is a bit bizarre really, when you consider how much seaweed gets washed ashore on the beaches of Geroskipou every year. None of it seems to want to grow in rockpools though.

Interesting Whorls


So in the absence of any rock pools to explore, my eyes turned to the rocks themselves, and the surrounding soil. These rings, on a much smaller scale, reminded me of the Liesegang Rings we blogged about in the Akamas a couple of years ago. I wonder how they form?

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