Paphos Seafront and Bar Street Renovations

Published 10th of March, 2023

Yesterday afternoon I took a walk around the Sea Front and Bar Street area to see what had changed since last week. The shops and restaurants are now open again, but work is still continuing...

Smart Tourism


We shall start here, at the Harbour End of the Sea Front.

Open For Business!


The shops and businesses are now all open again. There are a lot of blank signs about though. For the definitive reason as to why this happened, read the following (translated from Google):

"The mayor of Paphos stated that the local authority is determined to remove many years of illegalities that have been committed on the Paphos beach front.

Many shopkeepers in the area have not only closed the verandas of the shops with permanent constructions, creating single spaces, they have also taken over public spaces as he mentioned and this is illegal and impermissible. Shopkeepers in the area on the occasion of the projects in the area have resorted to the justice for the issuance of decrees with the shopkeepers stressing that they are ready to respect the decisions of the justice.

The shopkeepers are also complaining about the start time of the works, just before the start of the summer tourist season, with the mayor replying that this is a pretext to not remove the illegalities. He explained that the works for the installation of urban equipment in the area will not last more than two weeks.

"Their reaction has to do with the spaces they illegally occupy, but this cannot be perpetuated," he concluded."

A Legal Sign


So presumably the Sign Writers in Paphos are now all busy making compliant signage for the Sea Front. In the meantime, some of the shops have been doing a bit of improvising.

Urban Equipment?


Hang on a tick though. What was the last part of the Mayor's speech about?

"He explained that the works for the installation of urban equipment in the area will not last more than two weeks"

What urban equipment? Was he referring to the fencing that now prevents access to the coastal side of the sea front?


After I took all these pictures, I made a short walking film, which will be published later today (10/03). In it, I speculated that they might be rebuilding the old Sea Wall. At the moment they have put a load of concrete breeze blocks at the edge of the Sea Front, to protect it from the winter storms. Were they going to put back the old wall that used to be there? You can still see it towards the Harbour end of the walk. It isn't very high, and you can sit on it. It would make a welcome return here, I think.

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