Random Acts Of Crochet Kindness

Published 5th of November, 2020

Found Poppies


We think it is a lovely idea.

Rogue's Gallery


So what kind of crochet will you find? As you can see from the following photos, there is a wide variety of designs. Before we go any further though, I will point out that the crochet designs outside the Moutallos Mosque, or around the tree in Ivis Maliotou Park are NOT part of this adventure. Please don't try and take them home!


These would also be perfect for geocaches. If you don't know what a geocache is, it is a GPS-driven treasure hunt, though the treasure tends to be a bit feeble these days. Something like this would certainly spice it up.

Doggy Head


Kelly certainly got good at her crocheting!

The Facebook Group


This is the Facebook group that Sharon and Kelly refer to. There are other "Random Acts" groups out there too, so have a search if you are curious.

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