Polemi Morning Moods

Published 1st of December, 2022

Kalimera from Sunny Polemi! It looks set to be a glorious day, and a morning mist tempted me to launch my drone skywards to take in the emerging scene. There will be a film to follow but for now, feast your eyes on these glorious scenes of Cypriot village and country life...

Ezousa View


There won't be a great deal of commentary, but I will highlight points of interest. In this shot we are looking towards Letymbou and the Ezousa Valley. You can see that the mist is a feature of several valleys in the area.

Sunny Polemi


This is most of Polemi. The school football pitch is in the bottom left.

Sea View


Looking towards Polis. Note the various solar farms. No doubt we will be seeing more of these in future.

Polemi Mist


There wasn't a huge amount of mist this morning, but enough to make things interesting.

Akamas Ridge


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