A Walk Around Paphos Harbour

Published 20th of April, 2024

Let's take a look around Paphos Harbour. We haven't seen the O La! La! Man for a while, so let's see what he's been up to. We should also see how Ocean Basket is coming along, and pop in to say hello to Evi at the Artisan Market.

Harbour Entrance


We begin our adventure where we finished the previous article, funnily enough. To our left is the Harbour. The Billboard you can see is an advert for a boat tour. The harbour tours are ramping up for the tourist season now. There is a dedicated jetty for them which we shall see in a moment, but you will meet other sellers on the way.

New Bus Station


To the right of the harbour you will find the Archaeological Park. And to the right of that is the new Bus Station. You can see both in this picture.

To The Harbour


Today though we are interested only in the Harbour, so let's go this way.

Tours Aplenty


This is the jetty I mentioned. If you are overwhelmed by booking a tour here, take a look at the Viator Website. You can see loads available, and their times etc. You can also book online, so take a look even if you are just curious about prices.

Finished Product


The last time I showed you this view they were still building it. It looks nice now it is finished and decked out with greenery.

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