A Forest Drive From Panagia to Vretsia

Published 11th of September, 2020

Enjoy The View


Before I shut up and let you enjoy the pictures, I have to say how beautiful the forest looks, at all times of the year.

Alonoudi Junction


Apparently, Alonoudi Junction is famous for one thing: this sign. I googled "Alonoudi" and that's all I get. Possibly if I googled it in Greek I would find out more info. However, it does mean that I can provide you with a google map reference to it: See on Google Maps

Alonoudi River


To be honest, I think that map reference is slightly off. There is a bridge there you see, with this river running below it. So if you looked at the map in the link above, I think the pointer should actually be a bit further up, where there is a sharp turn in the route. The turn is where the road crosses this bridge.

Verdant Valley


Considering all the heat we have had, I am amazed that there was so much water in the mountains still.

Fire Break Towards Vretsia


The route is very scenic, but it is often difficult to get a decent picture, as the trees get in the way. I once tried filming a forest journey with a 360 camera. Unfortunately, on a bright day, there is just too much contrast between scenes and the film was pretty much unusable. I may try again on a cloudy day. Who knows?

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