Paphos Christmas Lights 2922

Published 7th of December, 2022

We love Christmas in Paphos. During December the roads of Paphos are tastefully decorated with a festive assortment of sparkles. In this article we take a look at the light displays around the city, from Kennedy Square to an assortment of roundabouts.

Old Town Illuminated


We shall begin our wander in the Old Town. The main car park is to the left of us. If we walked up this road we would get to the main road that runs through the Old Town. But we are going in the opposite direction, towards Ibrahim's Khan and Kennedy Square.

Hospital Junction Teaser


Before that though, I shall give you a taster of what you can expect over the next 8 pages.

Not A Band Stand


I've always liked this. You can find it just down from the Town Hall.


The Stadium Roundabout was also looking pretty spectacular.

The Main Feature


Ok, so hopefully we have whetted your appetite for a bounty of beautiful baubles. Let us return to the Old Town and shuffle along the streets towards Kennedy Square. After that we shall take a closer look at those roundabouts.

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