New Arrival At Neon Mall

Published 28th of January, 2024

Last year the old Paphos Mall had a grand re-opening as Neon Mall, hosting Super Home Centre and the Clothing outlet Kiabi. Since then a couple of other shops have appeared and they are soon to be joined by another big player. We popped down to have a look...

Side View


This is Neon Mall on a typical day. Well, it is the side view anyway. I launched the drone from the bit of land opposite, near the Keo Brewery.

Front View


From the front, take a look at the roof. There are three ridges on the left, and a lower roof on the right. The main entrance is between the two. You can see that the vast majority of the Mall is to the left of the entrance. This will become significant on page 2.

From The Back


I parked in the Basement Carpark. Since Neon Mall opened there have been rumours that Lidl was going to have a presence here. I was curious as to where they were going to put it. When I first visited the Mall, I had presumed that Super Home Center took over the whole of the left side. So a shop the size of Lidl would have to go in the basement, or so I thought. In fact, the basement was just a large carpark. I took the escalator up to the rear entrance. From there I entered the shopping area.

The first shop I came to was the new Cyta Centre. This has moved form the previous location opposite Omikron Brunch near Kennedy Square.

Cosmos Sport


Next to the Cyta Shop is Cosmos Sport.

Kyrsof Opticians


Opposite them you have an opticians.

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