Paphos Municipal Park Renovations

Published 10th of May, 2024

Paphos will soon be getting a new art feature! A new exhibit is being constructed in the Municipal Park, near Kennedy Square and the Town Hall. it looks like it is going to be some sort of water feature, so we went down and had a sneak preview...

Buzzing B6


I have often wondered where the B7 to Polis actually began. Well, I just looked on Google Maps, and both the B7 and B6 start at the traffic lights in Kennedy Square. The B6 heads off towards Pissouri and Limassol, though not before taking you along the border of the Municipal Park, which is where we begin our little article.

View From Above


At the Eastern end of the Municipal Park you will see that a new structure has appeared. I first spotted it when I drove past on one of my many driving films.

incidentally, for a more in-depth look at this feature, see our film:

Municipal Park Water Feature



Coincidentally, some pictures of the structure posted by the Mayor of Paphos flashed by my Facebook Feed, so I knew that there must be something interesting occurring...


I didn't know what to expect, but on close inspection I think it is going to be some form of water feature.

Inner Walk


For some reason the smoother gradations of the structure reminded me of some of the rock formations you get around Kritou Tera.

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