Last Bus To Simou

Published 21st of January, 2021

While you might meet one in use up in the mountains, most vintage buses in Cyprus have been retired from service. We featured a few that now reside in the Driving Test Centre car park, back in 2018. However, we were recently visiting Evretou, and spotted this beauty on our way back home to Polemi. The sun was beginning to set, and this lovely lady was looking majestic.

The Sun Is Beginning To Set


We made this journey just before lockdown started. I wanted to get some drone footage of Evretou Reservoir. I will publish that in a separate blog, but in truth, I was a bit disappointed, as the afternoon had turned rather overcast. I had some power left in the drone, so decided to pop down to Skarfos Bridge and get some shots of that too. After that, I headed up the hill to Simou. At the junction, I noticed this bus. I had seen it before, but at this moment, as the light was beginning to fade, the aging, rusty hulk turned into a beautiful ornament.


The smashed headlights now look like mournful eyes.


If you are thinking of renovating this, you will have your work cut out.


Sometimes, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.


The trick is to always carry your camera. Oh and make sure the battery is charged and you have remembered to plug the memory card in...

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