Ivis Maliotou Park Update

Published 10th of November, 2022

A while ago we reported on the Ivis Maliotou Park in Old Town Paphos. It is closed at the moment as it is being renovated. Yesterday I was in the area so I popped down to see how the work was progressing.



I shall start my journey at the Muse restaurant today. Unfortunately it is too early for some quality nosebag, but this is a good place to come if you are hungry and you fancy dining with some glorious views. More on those later though...

Down Here


I know from past wanderings that I can get a nice view of the park by heading down the alley to the right of the Hotel Axiothea.

This Way


What you miss from an article such as this are the glorious aromas that assault your nose when you walk past anywhere preparing food in Paphos. While walking down here I could definitely smell a bacon buttie or two being prepared, and something a bit more Indian too. It was delicious.

New Walkways


There is a right-hand turn on this alley that leads to the park. It is closed for now but you can see that it has already been upgraded.

Further Down


Following the path downhill you can see where new paths have been constructed to run through the park.

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