Halloween Mysteries

Published 31st of October, 2019

How Long?


I have no idea how far the track goes out to the sea. It certainly continues for some distance but I stopped following it once I got out of depth.

So What Was It?


So what is the track for? I know there used to be a railway track on Limni Pier. Part of me thought they might have just dragged it down here from there, but it is a fair distance, and a waste of metal. So was there another jetty here? I asked on Facebook if anybody had any old maps of the area circa 1970, but so far have had no luck.

Ho Hum


Now, I could show you lots more screen shots of the rails, but they are all a bit samey, so instead I am showing you a ruin nearby. To get there, you drive to Limni Pier and turn right just before it. The track here takes you to the right of Limni Mine. To the left of the start of this track, there is a ridge which probably had the original Limni Mine railway on it. From there, we took these snaps, which are rather nice.

Beach View



Anyway, we've blogged about Limni Mine before. But we've never covered one specific ruin, primarily because it looked dull an uninteresting. We were wrong.

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