Geroskipou Beaches

Published 10th of June, 2024

Geroskipou is blessed with two fantastic beaches which merge to form a long bay ideal for family days at the seaside. There are four beach bars dotted along its shore, with convenient showers and changing facilities for bathers. Over the last few years it has received some TLC, so let's take a look at how it is in 2024.

Atlantida Tavern


Geroskipou is the town next to Paphos. You might be mistaken for thinking it is actually a suburb of the city, but it is in fact it's own entity. To get to the beaches, go down the Hotel Strip away from the Harbour and you will eventually come to a roundabout. It is just past the Luna Park. Turn right here and you will be at the beach area. For the purposes of this article I parked at the Luna Park. This gave me access to the first of the Beach Bars - the Atlantida.

This article accompanies a film we made. If you would rather see that, use the link below:

Geroskipou Beach Walking Tour

Atlantida Beach Bar


As well as the fish tavern there is also a beach bar here. It is also a popular Wedding Venue. Not this bar specifically, but the area.

Towards Paphos


And this is the top end of the beach. They are in the process of clearing away the winter seaweed. In the distance you can just make out a bulldozer. It was loading the detritus onto a truck.

Long Boat


A lot of water activities happen here. I don't mean stuff like hiring a jet ski. I mean education. I saw teachers giving swimming lessons, and kids learning to sail in a yacht. I also saw a group of rowers, who must have been very hot, on this longboat.

Lifeguard Station


The two beaches at Geroskipou both have the coveted blue flag status. One requirement for that is a lifeguard. So there are plenty of them here. Coupled with the artificial reefs, this makes the waters here a very safe place to swim.

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