From Miliou to Theletra

Published 30th of November, 2019

Yes, The Miliou Countryside Is Still Stunning


The road winds up through farmland. It is worth stopping and turning round to take in the view from time to time though.

Tomatoes Everywhere


As we ascended the hill we soon found ourselves surrounded by tomatoes. They were everywhere. This surprised us, as Miliou is more famous for its oranges.



You can see in this shot how the road has deteriorated. Not really a problem but after heavy rain it could be a bit tricky. You can also see a lot of boxes in the distance. These are used by the tomato pickers, who are busy in amongst the crops picking out the ripe tomatoes.



A farmer noticed us taking pictures and said hello. He disappeared into the plants and returned with a handful of tomatoes. He told us to wash them first, which we did once we got home. I have to say, freshly picked tomatoes tast absolutely delicious.

This was why I didn't want to do the route a third time though. I didn't want the farmer to think I was fishing for free tomatoes. He probably wouldn't have minded if I was, but I don't want to appear greedy.

Solar Panels


We are seeing panels like this appear increasingly over Cyprus. Rising electricity prices are probably tempting more people to take the plunge...

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