From Ineia To Lara Bay

Published 7th of October, 2021

The Route From Above


In the first drone shot, you can see pretty much the route we took. The road heads down to the coast. In the centre of the picture you can see two bays. Lara Bay is on the right. But what is the countryside on the way down like?

Rocky Outcrops


We stopped three times on the way down, to fly the drone. We couldn't film right at the top as there is an army base nearby and drones aren't allowed, for obvious reasons. So we headed to a rocky area popular with climbers.

Nice View


This was actually a slight diversion from the main route, but I needed to come here to turn round to allow me back.

Towards Ineia


This is the easiest route to Lara Bay. I don't mean the dirt track I am on, but the concrete road the blue car is travelling down. There are still plenty of potholes to avoid, but it is easier going than the drive along the coast from Peyia.

The Route From The Land


In a few weeks, this will be a sea of green!

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